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Announcements in 2008

The Federal Circuit updated its Internal Operating Procedures on November 14, 2008. Earlier this year, the Federal Circuit provided to the public its proposed changes to the IOPs. After receiving several comments from the public, the court voted to approve changes to its IOPs. In addition to general changes to update the IOPs, the Federal Circuit also added two new sections in response to suggestions from the public. First, the Federal Circuit added a new paragraph at the beginning of IOP # 3 to briefly explain how cases are assigned to merits panels. Second, the Federal Circuit added to IOP # 10 a new paragraph # 5 that briefly explains how precedential opinions are circulated before issuance.

Chief Judge Paul Michel will receive the First Annual PIPLA Award for Outstanding IP Achievement at the Annual Judges’ Dinner of the Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Information is available at this link .

Judge Randall Rader will speak on "Injunctions and Remedies in the Post-Troll IP World in London, England on November 11, 2008 at the Institute of Brand Law and Innovation (IBIL) Law Seminar on Patent Enforcement - Problems and Possibilities. Additional information is available at this link.

Circuit Judge Arthur Gajarsa spoke on the need to reenergize investment in science and engineering education in the United States in order to maintain the country's leadership role in innovation, research and development. This speech was delivered at the Federal Circuit Bar Association Bench and Bar Dinner in Los Angeles, California on November 7, 2008.
Circuit Judge Timothy Dyk will give the keynote address at the Annual Judges' Dinner hosted by the Austin Intellectual Property Law Association on November 7, 2008. Information about the Association is available at this link.