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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above.
All dispositions are available in PACER.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort ascending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2015-10-09 15-5087 CFC BRU'TON v. US [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-3119 MSPB HANSEN v. ARMY [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-3151 MSPB DEAN v. AIR FORCE [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-3052 MSPB MAYE v. OPM [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-1103 DCT SUMMIT DATA SYSTEMS LLC v. NETAPP INC. [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-1220 PATO IN RE: APPOTRONICS LTD. [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-5028 CFC BARLOW & HAUN, INC. v. US [OPINION] Precedential
2015-10-09 15-3121 MSPB JACKSON v. MSPB [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-5093 CFC CERF v. US [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-3048 MSPB SCOTT v. MSPB [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-1299 PATO WIRELESS INK CORPORATION v. FACEBOOK, INC. [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-5081 CFC BARNARD v. US [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-09 15-5003 CFC DELPIN-APONTE v. US [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2015-10-08 15-5073 CFC SHERIDAN v. US [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-08 15-5099 CFC GARCIA v. US [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-07 15-3108 MSPB HOLLEMAN v. MSPB [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-05 15-3045 MSPB LANDELL v. DEFENSE [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2015-10-05 14-1514 CIT AD HOC SHRIMP TRADE ACTION COM v. US [OPINION] Precedential
2015-10-05 14-5089 CFC RASMUSON v. US [OPINION] Precedential
2015-10-02 14-1612 DCT PARKERVISION, INC. v. QUALCOMM INCORPORATED [OPINION] Nonprecedential