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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above. All dispositions are available in PACER. Opinions issued since 2012 are also available through the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s govinfo service.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort ascending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2006-03-22 2004-1616 PATO IN RE LEONARD R. KAHN Precedential
2006-03-22 2005-1338 DCT EXIGENT TECHNOLOGY, INC. V. ATRANA SOLUTIONS, INC. Precedential
2006-03-22 2005-1357 CIT DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORP. V. U.S. Precedential
2006-03-21 2005-1389 PATO IN RE JOANNE SLOKEVAGE Precedential
2006-03-21 2005-1375 DCT INFILTRATOR SYSTEMS V. CULTEC, INC., ET AL. Nonprecedential
2006-03-20 2005-1168 DCT BICON, INC, ET AL. V. THE STRAUMANN COMPANY, ET AL. Precedential
2006-03-17 2005-3187 MSPB TAYLOR V. DEPT. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Nonprecedential
2006-03-17 2005-7144 CAVC HAMPTON V. NICHOLSON Nonprecedential
2006-03-17 2005-1556 DCT ROZENBLAT V. SANDIA CORP., ET AL. Nonprecedential
2006-03-16 2005-1236 DCT ARLAINE & GINA ROCKEY V. CORDIS CORP. Nonprecedential
2006-03-15 2005-1278 DCT SCHOENHAUS V. GENESCO Precedential
2006-03-15 2005-7181 CAVC WINSETT V. NICHOLSON Nonprecedential
2006-03-14 2006-3015 MSPB VANDEGRIFT V. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE Nonprecedential
2006-03-14 2005-3248 MSPB MCKELLAR V. OPM Nonprecedential
2006-03-13 2005-3045 MSPB STURDY V. DEPT. OF THE ARMY Precedential
2006-03-13 2005-3043 MSPB ROBERTO V. DEPT. OF THE NAVY Precedential
2006-03-13 2005-3262 MSPB HENDRICKSON V. DEPT. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Nonprecedential
2006-03-13 2006-3021 MSPB WILLIAMS V. DEPT. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Nonprecedential
2006-03-13 2005-1370 PATO IN RE MICHEAL C. SCROOGIE, ET AL. Nonprecedential