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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above.
All dispositions are available in PACER.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort ascending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2005-05-20 2004-3291 MSPB BECKMAN V. DEPT. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Nonprecedential
2005-05-18 2004-5152 CFC RILEY & EPHRIAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY V. U.S. [ERRATA] Precedential
2005-05-18 2005-5028 CFC SANDERS V. U.S. Nonprecedential
2005-05-18 2004-5152 CFC RILEY & EPHRIAM CONSTRUCTION CO. V. U.S. Precedential
2005-05-18 2004-1252 DCT SYNTEX (U.S.A.) LLC, ET AL. V. APOTEX Precedential
2005-05-16 2004-3397 MSPB WARREN V. OPM Precedential
2005-05-16 2004-1296 DCT GROUP ONE LTD V. HALLMARK CARDS Precedential
2005-05-13 2005-3025 MSPB REYNOLDS V. DEPT. OF THE ARMY Nonprecedential
2005-05-13 2004-3285 MSPB IDE V. SSA Nonprecedential
2005-05-12 2004-1548 CIT DUPONT TEIJIN FILMS USA, LP, ET AL. V. U.S., ET AL. Precedential
2005-05-12 2003-5131 CFC WESTFED HOLDINGS, INC. V. U.S. Precedential
2005-05-11 2004-1489 CIT WARNER-LAMBERT V. U.S. Precedential
2005-05-11 2003-3286 MSPB LLOYD L. TUNIK, ET AL. V. M.S.P.B. Precedential
2005-05-11 2004-1464 CIT YANCHENG BAOLONG BIOCHEMICAL PRODUCTS V. U.S. Precedential
2005-05-11 2005-1050 DCT ABBEY V. MERCEDES-BENZ OF NORTH AMERICA Nonprecedential
2005-05-11 2005-1024 PATO IN RE: PRECISION CUTS Nonprecedential
2005-05-10 2004-1323 DCT ARTHROCARE CORP., ET AL. V. SMITH & NEPHEW, INC. Precedential
2005-05-09 2005-3058 MSPB SUMRALL V. DEPT. OF THE AIR FORCE Nonprecedential
2005-05-09 2004-5103 CFC HOLLOWAY V. U.S. Nonprecedential