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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above.
All dispositions are available in PACER.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort ascending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2005-08-17 2005-3061 MSPB GRIBCHECK V. MERIT SYSTEMS PROTECTION BOARD Nonprecedential
2005-08-17 2004-7155 CAVC ANDREWS, JR. V. NICHOLSON Precedential
2005-08-17 2004-7020 CAVC JOHNSTON V. NICHOLSON Precedential
2005-08-17 2004-5021 CFC FIRST HEIGHTS BANK, FSB, ET AL. V. U.S. Precedential
2005-08-17 2004-3391 MSPB DICKEY V. OPM Precedential
2005-08-17 2004-1604 CIT AMMEX, INC. V. U.S. Precedential
2005-08-17 2002-1052 DCT INTEGRA LIFESCIENCES I V. MERCK KGAA. [ORDER] Precedential
2005-08-16 2004-3393 MSPB BURDGE V. DEPT. OF THE NAVY Nonprecedential
2005-08-16 2005-1003 CIT ABB, INC. V. U.S. Precedential
2005-08-16 2004-3370 MSPB BAKER V. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION Precedential
2005-08-16 2004-1337 DCT TERLEP V. THE BRINKMANN CORP., ET AL. Precedential
2005-08-16 2004-1263 DCT PAUSE TECHNOLOGY, LLC V. TIVO, INC. Precedential
2005-08-15 2005-3083 MSPB SCOTT V. DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY Precedential
2005-08-15 2004-1074 PATO IN RE SUJEET KUMAR, ET AL. Precedential
2005-08-12 2003-1480 PATO CAPON, ET AL. V. ESHHAR, ET AL. V. DUDAS Precedential
2005-08-11 2004-1216 DCT FREEDMAN SEATING CO. V. AMERICAN SEATING CO. Precedential
2005-08-10 2005-3169 MSPB DICKMAN V. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION Nonprecedential
2005-08-10 2005-3104 MSPB DE MELO V. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Nonprecedential
2005-08-10 2003-5173 CFC PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC CO., ET AL. V. U.S. Precedential