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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above.
All dispositions are available in PACER.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort ascending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2004-11-05 2004-3270 MSPB TOMEI V. DEPT. OF EDUCATION Nonprecedential
2004-11-05 2004-3268 MSPB VORES V. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Nonprecedential
2004-11-05 2004-3196 MSPB EARLS V. MERIT SYSTEMS PROTECTION BOARD Nonprecedential
2004-11-05 2004-3288 MSPB GAYLE V. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Nonprecedential
2004-11-05 2004-M774 DCT IN RE VIOLATION OF RULE 28(C) [ORDER] Precedential
2004-11-04 2004-3282 MSPB JENKINS V. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION Nonprecedential
2004-11-04 2004-3276 MSPB BARNETT V. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Nonprecedential
2004-11-04 2004-3154 MSPB CARINIO V. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Nonprecedential
2004-11-03 2003-1461 ASBCA ENGLAND V. THE SHERMAN R. SMOOT CORP. Precedential
2004-11-03 2004-1348 DCT COLIDA V. MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC CORP. FOR AMERICA Nonprecedential
2004-11-03 2004-7076 CAVC PORTER V. PRINCIPI Nonprecedential
2004-11-02 2004-3139 IRS ZINGG V. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, IRS Precedential
2004-11-02 2004-3226 MSPB LINOSKI V. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Nonprecedential
2004-11-02 2004-3250 MSPB BELT V. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Nonprecedential
2004-10-29 2004-1135 DCT C.R. BARD, ET AL. V. U.S. SURGICAL CORP. Precedential
2004-10-28 2003-1444 DCT CATERPILLAR V. STURMAN INDUS. Precedential
2004-10-26 2004-5077 CFC CLARK V. U.S. Nonprecedential
2004-10-25 2004-1045 DCT CAPO, INC. V. DIOPTICS MEDICAL PRODUCTS, INC. Precedential
2004-10-25 2004-1332 ASBCA ZOELLER V. BROWNLEE Nonprecedential
2004-10-20 2004-3150 MSPB WIERZCHOWICZ V. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Nonprecedential