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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above. All dispositions are available in PACER. Opinions issued since 2012 are also available through the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s govinfo service.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Datesort descending Appeal Number Origin Case Name Type
2020-09-04 18-1400 PATO FACEBOOK, INC. v. WINDY CITY INNOVATIONS, LLC [OPINION] Precedential
2020-09-04 18-1400 PATO FACEBOOK, INC. v. WINDY CITY INNOVATIONS, LLC [ORDER] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 20-1684 MSPB LEWIS v. TREASURY [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 20-1061 DCT SALWAN v. IANCU [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 20-1678 CAVC WINTERS v. WILKIE [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 19-2234 CFC WYATT v. HHS [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 19-1732 PATO SIEMENS MOBILITY, INC. v. IANCU [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 20-1005 CIT HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO. v. US [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 20-1102 DCT KOLCRAFT ENTERPRISES, INC. v. ARTSANA USA, INC. [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-08 19-2312 PATO TRANS OVA GENETICS, L.C. v. XY, LLC [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-09 19-2111 PATO SNYDERS HEART VALVE LLC v. ST. JUDE MEDICAL, LLC [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-09 20-1651 MSPB GIBSON v. OPM [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-11 19-2116 CAVC BATCHER v. WILKIE [OPINION] Precedential
2020-09-11 20-1108 PATO GARMIN INTERNATIONAL, INC. v. LOGANTREE, LP [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2020-09-11 19-2313 DCT ALPHONSO INC. v. FREE STREAM MEDIA CORP. [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-11 19-2321 CFC CASIANO v. US [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-11 19-2246 PATO M2M SOLUTIONS LLC v. AMAZON.COM, INC. [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-14 19-2347 PATO In Re SORENSEN [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-14 20-1535 CFC YIFRACH v. US [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2020-09-15 19-2227 DCT IQASR LLC v. WENDT CORP. [OPINION] Nonprecedential