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Opinions & Orders

The Court publishes opinions, precedential orders, all non-ministerial orders related to en banc cases, and orders disposing of mandamus petitions on the website after issuance has occurred on the official docket. Use the search boxes below to locate documents described above.
All dispositions are available in PACER.

Case Name or Appeal Number
Date Appeal Number Originsort ascending Case Name Type
2016-03-08 15-7017 CAVC THOMPSON v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Precedential
2016-03-08 15-7076 CAVC SULLIVAN v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Precedential
2016-03-09 15-7051 CAVC DIXON v. MCDONALD [CORRECTED OPINION] Precedential
2016-03-14 15-7055 CAVC EVANS v. MCDONALD [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2016-03-15 16-1063 CAVC LAMM v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-03-16 15-7093 CAVC CUSTER v. MCDONALD [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2016-03-18 16-1064 CAVC VAUGHN v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-01 15-7094 CAVC MATHIS v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-07 14-7124 CAVC DOVER v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Precedential
2016-04-11 16-1321 CAVC BOLES v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-11 16-1150 CAVC INGLE v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-12 15-7084 CAVC MITCHELL v. MCDONALD [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2016-04-12 16-1226 CAVC MATHIS v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-12 16-1167 CAVC D'AURIA v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-04-21 15-7078 CAVC SOVIS v. MCDONALD [RULE 36 JUDGMENT] Nonprecedential
2016-04-22 15-7069 CAVC SNEED v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Precedential
2016-04-26 15-7082 CAVC PALOMER v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-05-09 16-1451 CAVC CLAY v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-05-10 15-7035 CAVC ANDREWS v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Nonprecedential
2016-05-18 15-7030 CAVC HUDGENS v. MCDONALD [OPINION] Precedential