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Is docket information accessible on the website?

Yes, through PACER.

How can I find the other U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals' websites?

Try the website

Can you help me file my appeal?

Please call the Clerk’s Office at 202-275-8000 for assistance.

Where can I find information on Federal Circuit cases decided prior to 2004?

Look in West's Federal Reporter, 2d and 3d Series, available in many law libraries. Online, one might try or ; these are commercial services.

When is the website updated?

All opinions and orders (if any) are issued by the Court in PACER between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. each weekday. The Court also publishes opinions and selected orders on the Court’s website at 11 a.m.

Where can I find information about Federal courts and Federal judges?

The Federal Judicial Center website has information on all Federal judges and Federal courts.

When and how was the Federal Circuit created?

The Federal Judicial Center website has a history page on the Federal Circuit.

Do you have any information on locating Federal prison inmates?

No. Even though this court has no criminal jurisdiction, we frequently get this question. Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Is there phone or e-mail contact information for court personnel anywhere on the website?

There is a page of useful information and phone numbers. There is an e-mail address for the webmaster on the main home page. Any e-mail sent to any address using the domain is only delivered to the webmaster.

How do I get back to the main homepage?

Click here