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The library was first organized in 1967 when the United States Court of Claims and the United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals moved to the newly constructed courthouse on Lafayette Square. With the enactment of the Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1982, the library was designated a Circuit Library, and now serves the research needs of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U. S. Court of Federal Claims and the Office of Special Masters.

The library collection consists of over 12,000 titles and over 40,000 volumes in print, microform and electronic formats. The collection has Federal cases, codes, and statutes, materials on government contract law, intellectual property law, Federal taxation, veterans' benefits law, and Federal employment law. There is also a collection of Congressional legislative material.

Federal Circuit Rule 54 governs the use of the library and is set out below

(a) General.

The library in the Howard T. Markey National Courts Building serves this court and the United States Court of Federal Claims.

(b) Authorized Users.

The library’s authorized users are limited to the following:

(1) the judges of the courts;

(2) staff of either court;

(3) members of the bars of either court;

(4) unrepresented parties with pending cases in either court;

(5) attorneys employed by the United States; and

(6) employees of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the Federal Judicial Center.

(c) Suspension; Closing.

The librarian may suspend an authorized user for cause and may, when warranted, close the library to all except judges and the court staff.

(d) Books: Check Out and Removal.

Only judges and the court staff may check out books from the library. Library books must not be removed from the premises of the Howard T. Markey National Courts Building without express permission from the librarian.